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The Legend of the Teardrop Tree

Tearabar- The Legend of the TeardropTree

Ages ago, a small man named Mirth floated among pieces of ship-wreckage drifting ashore on the uncharted island of Tearabar (R) (teer-a-bar). Beneath the canopy of the island’s only shelter, a benevolent willow tree, the sole-survivor lay unconscious for three days. An underwater nightmare haunted his sleep; chalky gray bodies of wedding guests and his bride-to-be floated above deck-chairs on a sunken ship.

On the fourth morning, Mirth’s eyes startled awake. The sky shone clear blue above, yet a misty fog hovered around him in the myriad of branches. Mirth sat up, wiped his tears, and felt compelled to speak. As he whispered the name of the ship and began to describe each family member who perished, large droplets of saltwater formed on the tree’s delicate leaves and began falling to the earth. He heard a soft voice:

“Let your sorrow fall on me…
I’ll cry for you, I’m the Teardrop Tree.”

After his initial shock and amazement, followed by long days and nights of insightful dialog, Mirth, with renewed spirit assembled the debris into a seaworthy raft and set out in search of his new destiny. He returned to Tearabar countless times, and others followed. Carrying the burden of sorrow for each visitor, the Teardrop Tree let their tears nourish her roots, spreading them across Tearabar to become the epicenter of the island, which the Mirthians now call: “The Land of Dreams.”

Professor QuigleyCenturies later, across the globe, antagonistic, intellectual and heartbroken teenager, Darnell Quigley, and her stubborn grandpa, Professor Quigley, are cooped up in a one bedroom flat in New York, trying to cope with the tragic loss of Grandma Helen Quigley and Darnell’s dog ‘Lucky.’ Neither the sarcastic youth nor the bitter old man can seem to face the loss. Darnell blocks out the past; Quigley dwells on it. The curmudgeon has to raise his obnoxious granddaughter (orphaned since babyhood), and they’re getting on each other’s nerves. The mismatched duo share the same dramatic need: they long for the love and home-feel they had when Grandma Helen and ‘Lucky’ were there.

Fate intervenes and opens a tempting path for the professor to learn of and actually journey to…Tearabar. Darnell suspects something is up and follows her grumpy grandfather on what becomes the most treacherous and exciting adventure of their lives.

Even if they make it to Tearabar, they still face a difficult and dangerous journey through the forest. The constant deadly threat of the Angroids…passing through the sometimes, raging River of Conscience and the last Seven Stones.

If they survive their arduous task…the wonders and knowledge that awaits them upon reaching the Teardrop Tree will change the path of their lives forever…and the lives of everyone they encounter from that moment on.

If you or a loved one have had a moment lately…that needed a Teardrop Tree…come take the journey with Professor Quigley and his granddaughter, Darnell. You will not regret it….

                                                                                                               The Mirthians