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Teardrop Tree Products

Order the Newest Addition to the
Teardrop Tree Gift Collection!

Leather Bound Book

8×10 Leather Bound (Vegan Pu Leather) Hand-tooled Embossed Cover… Clad in 18K Gold Electroplated Trim!
Price $35.00


Gifts of Sympathy and Compassion  …    

A ‘Trinket Box’ Teardrop Tree
with European Crystals
100% pewter metal…all Handmade

TeardropTree Trinket Box TearDrop Tree Open and with Pouch

Teardrop Tree Trinket Box | Price $49.95
Dimensions – L 1-3/4″ x W 1-3/4 ” x  H 2-3/4″

A ‘Broach’ Teardrop Tree
with European Crystals
.925 Silver Electroplated

Teardrop Tree Broach Teardrop Tree in Box

TearDrop Tree | Price $25.00
Dimensions W 2-1/4″  x  H 1-3/4″

To purchase items with a credit or debit card, choose the yellow “Check Out” button in your cart and enter your information accordingly.Both the Teardrop Tree Trinket Box and Teardrop Tree Broach are beautiful sentiments that comfort the heart and which everyone would want for themselves and as gifts for those special individuals who are grieving from the painful loss of a loved one or family pet.

The Teardrop Tree Collection can be found at Apricot Lanes stores throughout the world, and will also be available through Teardroptree.com.  Our companion book can be found on Amazon.com and BarnesandNobel.com. Eventually, the company’s goal plans placement in at hundreds of other stores around the world.

Why buy a friend or loved one a “sympathy bouquet” or dozen roses that will die within a few days? Buy them a Teardrop Tree that will cry and carry their sorrow for them.

Have you or a loved one

had a moment lately … that needed a

Teardrop Tree?