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Teardrop Tree Jeweled Trinket Box

TeardropTreeCastellarTearDrop Tree Open and with Pouch

This lovely, handmade, jeweled trinket box is
inspired by an illustrated novel of hope and our
limitless capacity to accept sorrow and loss in our lives.


Though it may seem like few know or truly understand what you’re going through right now…with the presentation of this gift, it is obvious that someone does.

Sorrow is like a bad cold…everyone experiences it at some time in their life. Sorrow can creep in and out of your life, seeming to hang around for only one purpose…to tear endlessly at your heart. It can spread through you at any time, whether you are alone or in a crowd.

It can prevent you from looking ahead and often missing the experience of “the moment.” It feeds off any memory it can… often turning what should be fond remembrances into painful feelings. During these times, in your heart, it feels like it will last forever.
Grief and sorrow have a season like everything else. They have their own time and purpose. Grief and sorrow, like us, are “Just Passing Through”. If you ignore it, hide it or coddle it…it just stays around longer. It becomes hurtful to your life… and those around you.

You must touch it…feel it…taste the tears…accept it… and more importantly, once processed, let it go.

This Twig is from “Tearabar (teer-a-bar) and the Land of Dreams”. At the center of Tearabar lives the Teardrop Tree, a massive old Oak/Weeping Willow tree, hundreds of years old… with roots and branches that span the whole island. The purpose of the tree is to help carry the burden of sorrow of all mankind. This twig is from that tree.

If you have the good fortune to ever visit “Tearabar and the Land of Dreams”, and take the journey to the Teardrop Tree, you will see at it’s base a slab of ancient stone where it is written…

Let your sorrow fall on me
I’ll cry for you
I’m the Teardrop Tree.

No one can or should ‘take away’ all your pain…sorrow…or your way of grieving. It is a part of life’s experience. But we can certainly help you carry it. When that sorrow becomes so great that it is controlling your life… when it stops you from going forth…Or, when you just can’t deal with it that day….Let this piece of the Teardrop Tree help you… for as long as you need.

* You can read more about and from the Mirthians and the incredibly dangerous and exciting journey of Professor Walter Quigly and his heartbroken but rebellious thirteen year old granddaughter, as they search for answers and the island of Tearabar… in the novel Tearabar and the Legend of The Teardrop Tree.

Sincerely  Logan Clarke and the Mirthians….

A ‘Trinket Box’ Teardrop Tree
with European Crystals
100% pewter metal…all Handmade

Price $49.95
L 1-3/4″ x W 1-3/4 ” x  H 2-3/4″

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