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History of Teardrop Tree

Teardrop Tree and Pendant

Pain and sorrow play no favorites,
they can occur at any time and with the same veracity and hurt,
they can remain over a lifetime or simply a moment in time.

Logan Clarke personally understands the loss of loved ones. As a world-renown private investigator for almost thirty years, he has also shared in the tragic losses of several of his clients. During these sorrowful times he often wished he had a “tangible” gift he could leave with his clients that would bring them comfort, regardless of how the case was resolved.

Banyan TreeIn 1968, inspired by an amazingly beautiful Banyan tree across from his home in Hawaii, Logan began writing the story of the Teardrop Tree.  After many rewrites, the book began to take shape with the expert help of his friend and professional writer Larry Whittaker, an honor award winning graduate of USC Steven Spielberg’s School of Creative Writing. Unfortunately, the demands of Logan’s professional life interfered with the book’s completion.

Many years passed before Logan felt the time was right to revive the project. This time he enlisted his former spouse, Doña Davis-Eiland, (who had been involved with the project since 1983) to help complete the book. Now forty-four years later, the story of Tearabar and the Legend of the Teardrop Tree needed a tree.

Now I needed someone to bring Tearabar to life visually. Over many years I had tried numerous artists from many lands and cultures…Hong Kong to Manila, Hawaii, California and Mexico. No one seemed to ‘get it’… none ‘went to Tearabar’ to create the world on paper which I had created in my mind and through my characters. I needed to have the world experience Tearabar…the danger of the journey,  as well as its amazing life changing experiences when you are in the presence of the Mirthians and if you survive…ultimately, the magical presence of The Teardrop Tree.

My neighbor in the beautiful little resort town of Lake Arrowhead Ca., Roger Vizard is a brilliant animator for the likes of Disney Studios, Sony, and DreamWorks to name a few. His resume includes such hit movies as Spiderman, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland and Iron Giant. Fortunately for me he was out of work at the moment…in between jobs, as they say…SOOOO, I took it upon myself to drop him a copy of the novel in progress. Two weeks later he arrived on my doorstep with a treasure chest of drawings which leapt off the page and into my and my family’s hearts. My young daughter Darnell was especially drawn to Optimi and Ms. Snake.

I looked at Roger in amazement and awe and said...”You went there didn’t you Roger… you went to Tearabar”. Without missing a beat he responded… “I’m still there mate… and doubt that I’ll ever completely leave”.

From that moment on, Roger and I became dear friends and embarked on a great adventure together that continues to this day. Since that time Roger Vizard has won numerous awards and is highly regarded throughout the animation industry. Be sure to visit his web page on this site.

Logan’s good friend and fellow private investigator, Allen Cardoza, an expert in runaways and human trafficking, stepped in to assist. Allen had always believed in the Teardrop Tree project and together they formed a company to publish the book, as well as develop and manufacture the  Teardrop Tree, Teardrop Broach and various characters from Tearabar.

A blessing also came in the form of a grieving woman who had lost her mother, best friend, neighbor and family dog…all in a period of four months. She learned of the Teardrop Tree and tried to buy several along with the novel. Discovering that the tree was not yet available and unaccustomed to being told ‘NO’ she can’t have something, Cindy Lonetti set out to find Logan Clarke.

Another “Angel” joined the team, in the form of Lori Nielsen, a friend and co-worker of Allen’s who learned of the Teardrop Tree after dealing with several deaths in her family, including her father, mother, brother and sister. Now several years later, and desiring to  help others who would experience her same feelings of loss,  Lori seized the opportunity to invest in the project and eagerly joined the Tearabar Team.

The team’s collaboration and passion for this project has given birth to a Teardrop Tree in the form of a “trinket box”. Brought to life by designer Karl Kamb Jr., this wonderful remembrance piece, which exists solely to help carry the sometimes overwhelming burden of sorrow of those grieving will be available May of 2013,

Now, we could be sure that readers and visitors would truly experience Tearabar and The Land of Dreams…feel it, hear it, see it and almost touch it.