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I am very proud of my dear friend and colleague Logan Clarke for creating such a wonderful work of art. I encourage everyone to purchase a copy. Not only will you be enjoying and sharing a wonderful book, but you'll be sending a clear message to the publishing world that creative inspiration should always be encouraged! Bravo Logan!

Craig Santy

This afternoon I finished my journey to Tearabar and I really loved the book…It’s beautiful written and illustrated, and Logan Clarke, the author, captured what we all have to deal with in our lives. It will make you considering loss and other tramas we all experience. I recommend you take your own adventure to Tearabar. You won’t regret it.


Darnell and her grandfather will sweep your hear and soul away on a wonderful trip filled with unrestrained, fantasy, hope, magic and even a sense of healing. When I first opened this book, I had planed on only starting it, maybe one or two chapters, but found I was unable to put it down. I didn't move till the end. This is a book I will read again and again. It is a book for all ages and would be a first choice for reading aloud to a classroom of children. It would also make a wonderful gift for someone that has lost a loved one or loved pet. It is a must read for anyone that wants to go on a trip into a world of fantasy, wizards, sorcerers, myths, healing and love.

Robert Nelson

Readers love the story of Tearabar and the Teardrop Tree. It is a story for all ages, all cultures, all of us who have lost a loved one!