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Can A Teardrop Tree Mend a Broken Heart?



by Saleem Rana
July 29, 2012

A Teardrop Tree can be presented as a gift for somebody in mourning. It comes with a book on the story behind the tree and also a brooch. It is an emblematic way of showing condolences, as well as an imaginative solution for healing from grief.

What is a Teardrop Tree?

A Teardrop Tree combines a weeping willow with a banyan tree–like a willow it has leaves that droop and are shaped like teardrops, and like a Banyan tree, it is ancient and has a strong trunk and massive roots. It is a sentient tree that absorbs the sorrow of those who visit it. By carrying the weight of human sorrow, it transforms those who were sad, healing their broken hearts.

There is a mythical story behind the tree, revealed in a novel “Tearabar and the Legend of the Teardrop Tree.” The illustrated book is a fable about people on a healing journey. Illustrations are by Roger Vizard, a Hollywood animation artist, and the original tale by Logan Clarke has been expanded into a novel in partnership with Larry Whittaker.

The Teardrop Project

Logan Clarke wants to make the novel as well as related items- a miniature design of the tree and a teardrop brooch-an aspect of our American culture. He pictures it as a means to promote healing work after a personal disaster.

The tree, brooch, jewel box and book may be given as a gift- as an alternative to giving a dozen roses-to someone in grief. The recipient will embark on a wonderful quest to recover from their heartbreaking experience.

In order to satisfy their dream of generating a purposeful emblem, as well as beginning a creative journey to heal inner turmoil, the creators have produced a campaign to raise cash for the project.

Exactly how it all Began

Logan Clarke is an experienced private investigators that are dedicated to fighting the horror of human trafficking on this planet, a little recognized crime where kids who run away from home are forced to work as slaves for criminals. This work has exposed him to grieving families that are dealing with the kidnapping or murder of a young child. The detective knows just how essential it is to heal grief because the majority of people tend to bottle up their pain, perpetuate their own suffering and permit their own lives to break down. He decided to create the Teardrop Tree project to help individuals begin the grieving process to heal.

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One Response to "Can A Teardrop Tree Mend a Broken Heart?"

  • deborah nelson
    March 27, 2013 - 1:11 am

    Tearabar The Legend of thr Teadrop Tree,by Logan clarke…. Is one of the books i will read over & over!! Darnell and her grandfather will sweep your heart & sole away on a trip filled with unrestrained fantasy,hope,magic,and a sense of healing. When i frist opened this wonderful book, i planed on just reading 1or 2 chapters,but i was unable to put it down.I did not move till the end. This is a book for all ages and would my frist choice for a book to read out loud in a classroom.Also a wonderful gift, if someone has had a loss of a loved one or even a loved pet. It also for anyone who wants to go on a ride into a world filled with wizards,sorcerers,myths and a warm healing of the heart.

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